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July 2019

by Evan Morgan Film

The Kamagasaki Cauldron War | Leo Sato

Set in the Osaka slum of the title, The Kamagasaki Cauldron War’s very existence testifies to its politics: it defies a local ordinance that deems the neglected neighborhood literally unnameable. It also stands — along with former Japan Cuts comrades Sanchu Uprising and Hanagatami…

July 20, 2019
by Daniel Gorman Film

Being Natural | Tadashi Nagayama

Being Natural is one of those impossible objects, difficult to talk about without spoiling but also not particularly interesting to think about without acknowledging its bizarre narrative left turn. The film begins as a kind of genteel portrait of Taka (Yota Kawase), who lives…

July 20, 2019
by Christopher Bourne Film

And Your Bird Can Sing | Sho Miyake

Sho Miyake’s And Your Bird Can Sing, based on a novel by the late Yasushi Sato, is sort of like Jules and Jim in Japan. The film version shifts the action of the novel from 1980s Tokyo to present day Hakodate. An unnamed protagonist…

July 20, 2019
by Calum Reed Film

His Lost Name | Nanako Hirose

As the former assistant and protégé of the great Hirokazu Koreeda, Nanako Hirose has made a debut film that unsurprisingly doesn’t stray too far from Koreeda’s own mode of domestic drama. His Lost Name tells the story of an aging carpenter, Tetsuro (Kaoru Kobayashi),…

July 20, 2019
by InRO Staff Festival Coverage Film

Japan Cuts 2019 | Dispatch 1

The 2019 edition of New York-based film festival Japan Cuts runs from July 19 to the 28th (find the full schedule of screenings here). We are forever grateful for Japan Cuts for many reasons: there’s that Sion Sono triple feature they programmed back in…

July 19, 2019
Blockbuster Beat by Matt Lynch Film

The Lion King | Jon Favreau

Say what you want about endless Marvel entries and Star Wars episodes, but no film so perfectly represents fears of a total corporate takeover of the cinema than Disney’s new fully computer-generated remake of 1994’s beloved The Lion King. Faithfully (in many cases, shot-for-shot)…

July 18, 2019
by Christopher Bourne Film

Dare to Stop Us | Kazuya Shiraishi

Kazuya Shiraishi’s Dare to Stop Us is something of a biopic on late Japanese filmmaker Koji Wakamatsu, who, with films such as The Embryo Hunts in Secret and Go, Go, Second Time Virgin in the late 1960s, and Ecstasy of the Angels, in 1972, combined…

July 16, 2019
by Luke Gorham Film

Ma | Kenneth Lim Dagatan

Ma opens with patient dolly shots gliding over a green canopy and through the lush foliage of a forest, eventually coming to rest on the center-framed image of a young boy working at something unseen. The camera cuts to show his concentrated efforts at…

July 16, 2019
by Daniel Gorman Film

The Fatal Raid | Jacky Lee

Twenty years ago, police inspectors Tam (Patrick Tam) and Fong (Jade Leung), along with a squad of elite Hong Kong police special forces, are involved in a violent shootout with gun-runners in Macao. Fast forward to present day. Tam and Fong are returning to…

July 16, 2019
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