JUNG_E - Netflix - Kang Soo-yeon
Credit: Netflix
by Zachary Goldkind Featured Film Streaming Scene

JUNG_E — Yeon Sang-ho

January 20, 2023

There are brief glimpses of confounding breadth present in JUNG_E, most cogent when projected across the extensive digital dreamscape that is this world’s reality. Director Yeon Sang-ho — convening with his almost absurdist, certainly volatile, visions of bureaucratic observation — proposes here a fusion of post-apocalyptic and pop-utopian aesthetics, recalling, to a lesser extent, the beauty and comprehensive panache which elevates Mamoru Oshii’s Garm Wars: The Last Druid, a Japanese- Canadian co-production. But where Oshii utilizes artificiality to organize a sweeping exploration of the dissonance of live and digital textures, Yeon gropes about in an attempt to reconcile the central melodrama within the filmic world he has constructed. 

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You can currently stream Yeon Sang-ho’s JUNG_E on Netflix.

Published as part of InRO Weekly — Volume 1, Issue 3.