Credit: Theo Montoya
by Michael Sicinski Featured Film

Anhell69 — Theo Montoya [SXSW ’23 Review]

March 17, 2023

There have been a number of meta-cinematic works over the years that detail the plans for a film that a maker had in mind, but was unable to complete for one reason or another. But Anhell69, by Colombian director Theo Montoya, is quite different from other such experiments in failure. That’s because Anhell69 is a brutal examination of cinema as a kind of makeshift memorial, and how the present moment is everything when life itself becomes unfeasible. This is a story of fragile existence focused on the queer community in Medellín, a city ravaged by authoritarianism, narco wars, and relentless homophobia.

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Published as part of InRO Weekly — Volume 1, Issue 11.