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Credit: Fern Silva
by Paul Attard Film

Rock Bottom Riser | Fern Silva

Located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean — a body of water so macroscale it covers nearly half of the planet in terms of surface area and depth — is a relatively small island group built on borrowed time. Or, more specifically, the crisis surrounding…

March 8, 2021
Credit: faktura film
by Zach Lewis Film

Bloodsuckers | Julian Radlmaier

In the summer of the Year without a Summer, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. She, her husband Percy, Lord Byron, and Byron’s physician John Polidori — whose existence in Byron’s mansion resembled something more like an in-house drug dealer than a typical country doctor —…

March 8, 2021
Credit: Haegrimm Pictures
by Will Gorgi Film

Fighter | Jéro Yun

Fighter is that rare film able to work within a typically male framework — here, the underdog boxing flick — and translate it to a powerful woman’s story,  without really altering much of anything. Lim Sung-mi plays a North Korean who stumbles into amateur…

March 8, 2021
Credit: Lou Scamble
by Morris Yang Film

Social Hygiene | Denis Côté

Retreating from the weight of actions into the weightlessness of words, Denis Côté’s latest finds a rambunctious solace in the oratorial. Serving possibly as a stylistic antithesis to 2019’s dialogue-free Wilcox (centered around the life of a drifter), the opportunely-titled Social Hygiene recalls, instead,…

March 5, 2021
Credit: Berlinale
by Igor Fishman Film

The Luminous View | Fabrizio Ferraro

One of last year’s standouts, Pietro Marcello’s Martin Eden, traced the trajectory of a writer from his idealistic roots towards a solipsistic cynicism at the end of his career. In fellow Italian countryman Fabrizio Ferraro’s narrative feature The Luminous View, we find a similarly…

March 5, 2021
Credit: Teche rai
by M.G. Mailloux Film

For Lucio | Pietro Marcello

The COVID pandemic kept Pietro Marcello’s Martin Eden out of U.S. cinemas (settling for a virtual-only release) in 2020, but the film’s much-hyped 2019 festival run translated into stateside celebration nevertheless, amusingly culminating in an Obama cosign. The film’s appeal is readily apparent, even…

March 5, 2021
In Review | Online film and music criticism