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Credit: NYFF
by Michael Scoular Film

Ahed’s Knee | Nadav Lapid

If Nadav Lapid is a provocateur, who or what is he provoking? In one reading of his films, Lapid continually oscillates between thesis and antithesis, pausing only to prove in forceful litanies and aesthetic extremes the dead-end insularity of the Israeli state and its…

Credit: NYFF
by Patrick Preziosi Film

The Tragedy of Macbeth | Joel Coen

The Coens excel in films that flaunt a superficial mastery of genre, form, and cinematic grammar, all to arrive at intentionally depleted and exhausted conclusions. Projects either end up in absolute infernos (Barton Fink), or coil themselves so tightly they shatter into giddy cynicism…

Credit: IFC Films
by Paul Attard Film

Benedetta | Paul Verhoeven

The central moral dilemma at the heart of Paul Verhoeven’s Benedetta — which loosely follows the trials and tribulations of Benedetta Carlini (Virginie Efira), a 17th-century nun and eventual abbess, whose carnal escapades with a fellow nun led to the stripping of her position…

Credit: TIFF
by David Cuevas Film

The Box | Lorenzo Vigas

Lorenzo Vigas’s The Box opens with a monotonous thump: the rhythmic sound of a shoe beating against the stained stall of a moving lavatory introduces the viewer to the tragic life of young Hatzín (Hatzín Navarrete). The desert scope — shot enigmatically in glorious…

Credit: TIFF
by Daniel Gorman Film

Saloum | Jean Luc Herbulot

Part of the joy of a film festival (even a virtual one) is discovering hitherto unknown talent that comes from seemingly out of nowhere with a fully-realized vision, a blast of excitement washing over you as you realize you’re watching a bold new filmmaker…

Credit: TIFF
by Steven Warner Film

Silent Night | Camille Griffin

Featuring a floor-to-ceiling stacked cast and a festive setting and title, one might assume that Silent Night, the feature film debut from writer-director Camille Griffin, would be in the same vein as another beloved and meme-able English Christmas staple, Love, Actually — or at…

Credit: TIFF
by M.G. Mailloux Film

Where is Anne Frank | Ari Folman

We’re now quite a few years removed from Ari Folman’s critically hyped festival and awards season run for his animated documentary Waltz With Bashir — 13 years removed, in fact, during which time the director has gotten to make very little. Follow-up feature The…

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