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InRO Weekly — Volume 1, Issue 24

June 16, 2023

In This Issue:


RISK-TAKING AND POETIC IMAGINATION: An Interview With Julien Rejl by Jesse Catherine Webber

KICKING THE CANON: Pistol Opera (Seijun Suzuki) by Owen Vince


Bucky F*cking Dent (David Duchovny) by Conor Truax   //   Downtown Owl (Hamish Linklater and Lily Rabe) by Luke Gorham   //   The Seeding (Barnaby Clay) by Daniel Gorman   //   Milli Vanilli (Luke Korem) by Christopher Bourne   //   Happy Clothes: A Film About Patricia Field (Michael Selditch) by Selina Lee   //   The Space Race (Diego Hurtado de Mendoza and Lisa Cortés) by Emily DuGranrut   //   He Went That Way (Jeffrey Darling) by Luke Gorham   //   John Early: Now More Than Ever (Emily Allan and Leah Hennessy) by Jesse Catherine Webber   //   Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive (Betsy Schechter) by Christopher Bourne


Asteroid City (Wes Anderson) by Zach Lewis   //   The Flash (Andy Muschietti) by Matt Lynch   //   Elemental (Peter Sohn) by Andrew Dignan   //   Nobody’s Hero (Alain Guiraudie) by Ryan Swen   //   Extraction 2 (Sam Hargrave) by Matt Lynch   //   Happer’s Comet (Tyler Taormina) by Daniel Gorman   //   Maggie Moore(s) (John Slattery) by Andrew Dignan   //   Time of Moulting (Sabrina Mertens) by Daniel Gorman   //   Safe Place (Juraj Lerotić) by Michael Scoular

Volume 1, Issue 24