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InRO Monthly — February 2024

March 6, 2024

In This Issue:


Reality Very Rarely Provides a Neat Ending: An Interview with Antoine Bourges by Conor Truax

IFFR Roundup

Let’s Be In the Moment and Let’s See What Happens: An Interview with Christopher Jason Bell by Esmé Holden

Style as Political Substance, or the Bosnian Master: The Case for Danis Tanović by Joshua Polanski

Selections from the Palestinian Film Archive

Nevermore Film Festival Roundup by Alex Fields



Anticipation of the Night (Stan Brakhage) by Michael Sicinski

Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb by Stanley Kubrick by Dhruv Goyal

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry) by Selina Lee



Release Week: January 29 – February 4

Argylle (Matthew Vaughn) by Matt Lynch   //   She Is Conann (Bertrand Mandico) by Autumn Parker   //   Disco Boy (Giacomo Abbruzzes) by Joshua Peinado   //   Suncoast (Laura Chinn) by Andrew Dignan   //   How to Have Sex (Molly Manning Walker) by Joshua Polanski   //   Dario Argento Panico (Simone Scafidi) by Grace Boschetti   //   Skin Deep (Alex Schaad) by Daniel Gorman   //   The Promised Land (Nikolaj Arcel) by Ankit Jhunjhunwala   //   Fitting In (Molly McGlynn) by Ayeen Forootan   //   Scrambled (Leah McKendrick) by Grace Boschetti

Release Week: February 5 – February 11

Marmalade (Keir O’Donnell) by Jake Tropila   //   Drift (Anthony Chen) by Morris Yang   //   Lisa Frankenstein (Zelda Williams) by Steven Warner   //   Out of Darkness (Andrew Cumming) by Daniel Gorman   //   Here (Bas Devos) by Zachary Goldkind   //   Ashes (Erdem Tepegöz) by Joshua Polanski   //   Lola (Nicola Peltz Beckham) by Ayeen Forootan   //   I Love You More (Erblin Nushi) by Shar Tan   //   Carole & Grey (Jon Bass) by Daniel Gorman   //   The Monk and the Gun (Pawo Choyning Dorji) by Autumn Parker

Release Week: February 12 – February 16

Bob Marley: One Love (Reinaldo Marcus Green) by Andrew Dignan   //   Bleeding Love (Emma Westenberg) by Shar Tan   //   The Space Race (Diego Hurtado de Mendoza & Lisa Cortés) by Emily DuGranrut   //   This Is Me… Now (Dave Meyers) by Joshua Peinado   //   Monolith (Matt Vesely) by Ayeen Forootan   //   Land of Bad (William Eubank) by Daniel Gorman 

Release Week: February 19 – February 23

Drive-Away Dolls (Ethan Coen) by Andrew Dignan   //   About Dry Grasses (Nuri Bilge Ceylan) by Lawrence Garcia   //   Io Capitano (Matteo Garrone) by Andrew Dignan   //   Stopmotion (Robert Morgan) by Jake Tropila   //   Concrete Valley (Antoine Bourges) by Michael Sicinski   //   The Urania Trilogy (Tav Falco) by Ryan Coleman   //   Red Right Hand (Eshom & Ian Nelms) by Matt Lynch   //   Seagrass (Meredith Hama-Brown) by Conor Truax



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