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by Chris Mello

Credit: Claire Folger/Paramount
by Chris Mello Film Horizon Line

Jungleland | Max Winkler

Jungleland is a deeply familiar film that injects little energy or originality into its template narrative. Max Winkler’s Jungleland follows bare-knuckle boxer Lion (Jack O’Connell) and his manager-brother (Charlie Hunnam) as they make their way across America towards a potentially life-changing fight in San Francisco.…

November 10, 2020
Credit: TIFF
by Chris Mello Film

Enemies of the State | Sonia Kennebeck

Produced by genius documentarian and foremost interviewer of American war criminals, Errol Morris, Sonia Kennebeck’s Enemies of the State comes marked with a certain air of importance.  As Morris is the closest thing nonfiction cinema has to a household name (Morgan Spurlock excepted), his…

September 19, 2020
In Review | Online film and music criticism