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by Chris Mello

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by Chris Mello Film

A Chiara | Jonas Carpignano

A gangster film from the perspective of a 15-year-old girl, A Chiara, like The Godfather, begins with a party. That the most memorable mafia films often include a party — each film of Coppola’s saga begins with one, and Goodfellas’ wedding reception scene is…

Credit: Mubi
by Chris Mello Film Streaming Scene

Air Conditioner | Fradique

Air Conditioner is a beautiful, thoughtful work of easygoing charm and surprising intellect. As far as cinematic representations of heat go, Ernest Dickerson’s work on Do the Right Thing remains undefeated, with its yellow tint capturing brick buildings and asphalt streets that seem liable to…

Credit: Good Thing Productions
by Chris Mello Film

Nitram | Justin Kurzel

The True History of the Kelly Gang was something of a homecoming for Justin Kurzel after his Hollywood adventure curdled with Assassin’s Creed. With his latest, Nitram, he returns to the more specific roots of his debut Snowtown, making another dubious exploration into real-life…

Credit: Menuetto Film
by Chris Mello Film

La Civil | Teodora Mihai

In La Civil’s final shot, Cielo (Arcelia Ramírez) sits on a bench outside her home in Mexico. At the end of a long, fruitless journey to find her kidnapped daughter, she has seemingly become numb to her environment, unbothered by the flies that land…

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