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by Sam Thomas-Redfern

Photo: A24
by Sam Thomas-Redfern Film Horizon Line

First Cow | Kelly Reichardt

Kelly Reichardt’s latest treads familiar thematic territory, but her minimalist leanings here lend toward something altogether more expansive. First Cow is a film of beginnings and endings — and, thusly, also of returns. Kelly Reichardt‘s second period film marks the return of the 4:3…

March 26, 2020
by Sam Thomas-Redfern Film Kicking the Canon

Chelsea Girls | Andy Warhol

In the age of mass production, art is nothing unique. And in the 1960s, the work of Andy Warhol became one of the foremost indicators of this new shift in cultural understanding. Reflected in his work is an increasing disassociation from modernist ideals and…

March 15, 2020
In Review | Online film and music criticism