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Credit: RORY
by Paul Attard Music Pop Rocks

Justin Bieber | Justice

Facile, mawkish songwriting, bland production, and an overly-affected show of “authenticity” do major injustice to Justice. Justin Beiber wants to sell you a narrative: that the once-dumb adolescent from Ontario has grown up, found God (ok, he’s always had that), gotten married, and become…

by Jack Lent Music Pop Rocks

Alessia Cara | This Summer

Recall that Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls had an opening sequence which explained how to create “super-powered” girls: mix sugar, spice, and everything nice — along with the “extra” ingredient, Chemical X. Alessia Cara’s new EP, This Summer, follows a similar formula, but with…

by Paul Attard Music What Would Meek Do?

YG | 4Real 4Real

YG is an MC who excels in saying a lot with very little — take “Stop Snitching,” a masterclass in mean mugging with a chorus of six repeated words, each one delivered with such stern intensity that the presented central idea that double-crossers will…

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