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February 21, 2020

Photo: Grasshopper Films
by Matt McCracken Film Horizon Line

Vitalina Varela | Pedro Costa

Vitalina Varela is a profound humanistic effort, conceptually bold and featuring compositions of affecting beauty. Winner of last year’s Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival, Pedro Costa’s Vitalina Varela immediately asserts itself as an artistic and conceptual distillation, if not culmination, of a career that has…

February 21, 2020
Photo: TIFF
Before We Vanish by Christopher Bourne Film

Balloon | Pema Tseden

Tseden’s latest is a clever indictment of the ways that both religion and government seek to deny women their due agency. Tibetan director Pema Tseden’s artistic intention, in both his films and short stories, has been to realistically depict the daily lives of Tibetans, without…

February 21, 2020
by Joe Biglin Film Streaming Scene

System Crasher | Nora Fingesheidt

Another portrait of trauma, Nora Fingesheidt’s debut feature revolves around the social condition indicated by its title: Systemsprenger, or System Crasher. The film follows problem child Benni (Helena Zengel), whose violent clashes with the foster care system leave her to fall through the cracks…

February 21, 2020
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