Credit: Neon/NYFF/TIFF/Berlinale
by InRO Staff Featured Festival Coverage Film

London Film Festival 2020 — Dispatch 1: Films We’ve Already Covered

October 9, 2020

Another week, another festival. For this year’s BFI London Film Festival, it’s business as usual, which is to say the unusual business of 2020 film festivals. Like others before it, London will be employing a similar hybrid format, mixing socially-distanced physical screenings with a newly-introduced streaming platform. Coming this late in festival season, though, London’s selection has been substantially trimmed from past years’ and borrows heavily from earlier 2020 mainstays such as Venice, Toronto, and New York given the relative dearth of new cinema produced over the past six months. It’s perhaps not surprising to find, then, that InRO has already covered 24 titles set to play London, all of which can be viewed below. But we’re industrious folk here, and we’ll add at least another 15 new pieces to that number across the next two weeks. In the meantime, catch up on what we’ve already watched.