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Credit: Berlinale
by Morris Yang Film

Best Films of 2020: DAU. Degeneration

To delve into the world of Ilya Khrzhanovsky’s DAU. is to forgo the comfortable spectatorial positions of detachment and objectivity, and submit to its fantastical reconstruction of a totalitarian empire. Already, viewers versed in the megalomaniac dictatorships of auteurs and visionaries might balk; and that’s to…

December 27, 2020
Credit: Sbnation
by Matt Lynch Film

Best Films of 2020: History of the Seattle Mariners

“The Seattle Mariners are eminently lovable, profoundly human, and stunningly, outrageously weird.” These words come courtesy of Jon Bois, writer, editor, animator, producer, and director of the idiosyncratic and extraordinarily engaging The History of the Seattle Mariners. He’s describing its subject, but he might as…

December 27, 2020
Credit: Isiah Medina
by Zach Lewis Film

Best Films of 2020: Inventing the Future

What would it look like to adapt The Communist Manifesto to film? Thomas Paine’s Common Sense? Industrial Society and Its Future? These texts have no main characters to follow, no specific locations, and no visual action — they are texts anathema to a visual medium. So, when Verso…

December 27, 2020
Credit: Ai Weiwei Studio
by Luke Gorham Film

Best Films of 2020: CoroNation

The first 30 minutes of CoroNation, Ai Weiwei’s comprehensive snapshot of Wuhan, China in the earliest days of COVID-19’s global devastation, are among the most compelling put to screen this year. By focusing on ground-level human stories — in the opening moments, a couple trying…

December 27, 2020
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