Credit: TIFF
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TIFF 2021 — Dispatch 1: Films We’ve Already Covered

September 11, 2021

Another year, another TIFF. Due in part to its situation in the calendar year relative to other major international fests, and in part to its programming strategy, TIFF often works as more of an aggregator festival for major arthouse, auteur, and awards titles, assembling a collection of the best hits from Berlin, Cannes, Venice, etc. while debuting major, late-year studio titles as a ticket-selling technique. That means that headed into 2021 Toronto, we have already written on over 20 of the films on the (still-reduced) slate, including works from Celine Sciamma, Bruno Dumont, Miguel Gomes, and Ryusuke Hamaguchi, among others. Below you can find everything we have already raved, panned, and in-betweened, but stay tuned — we’ll be back shortly with new takes on new films in a series of TIFF ’21 dispatches.