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by Luke Gorham Film Horizon Line

Liberté | Albert Serra

Liberté is gorgeous and confounding, a Brechtian presentation of passion, tedium and perversion. Albert Serra’s Liberté continues the director’s penchant for placing human rot, literal and metaphorical, within the garish trappings and knowing artifice of re-creation. Presented here are the wanton sexual and violent revels of…

June 1, 2020
by M.G. Mailloux Film Horizon Line

The Wild Pear Tree | Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Two decades on now and Turkey’s Nuri Bilge Ceylan has become something of a genre unto himself. To those that concern themselves with film festivals and prestigey world cinema, his name carries with it a check list of thematic interests and formal predilections. Lord knows there…

February 14, 2019
Before We Vanish by Zach Lewis Film

Western | Valeska Grisebach

The American Western — usually identified by its action, machismo, and its oftentimes flimsy portrayal of Native American genocide — has also always dealt with borders. The Mormons of John Ford’s Wagon Master drift into the territory of Utah sixteen years before its statehood in order to find…

February 16, 2018
In Review | Online film and music criticism