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Credit: TIFF
by Josh Cabrita Film Horizon Line

New Order | Michel Franco

Both politically and aesthetically, New Order is an ironic and troubling proclamation of solidarity with the old, regressive guard. The refinement of taste, an ongoing exploration of one’s personal experience, while all well and good, always runs the risk of becoming solipsistic, of neglecting the areas…

Credit: TIFF
by Paul Attard Film Streaming Scene

The Disciple | Chaitanya Tamhane

The Disciple‘s diptych structure creates a mature, nuanced portrait of the weight of personal and professional compromise. Sharad Nerulkar — the titular disciple in Chaitanya Tamhane’s sophomore feature — is, by most accounts, unexceptional. He’s devoted his life to archiving, preserving, and, most importantly…

Credit: TIFF
by Lawrence Garcia Film Horizon Line

Nomadland | Chloe Zhao

Nomadland‘s delicate attention to storytelling tradition unfortunately gives way to conventionality in the film’s back half, displacing its early promise. Having just taken the top prize at this year’s Venice Film Festival, Nomadland begins its journey towards Oscar gold. That’s admittedly a flip assessment…

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