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Credit: Sarah Blum
by Patrick Preziosi Film

Nous | Alice Diop

Cutting across Paris from the north to the south, the RER B is a commuter rail that shuttles passengers to and from the city center, moving between the northern Mitry-Mory commune and the southern Saint-Rémy-de-Provence commune. It is also the axis that Alice Diop’s…

Credit: IFFR
by Selina Lee Film

Bipolar | Queena Li

The myth of Orpheus seems to tell us that in the face of overwhelming grief, the hardest thing to do is have faith that things will get better. Grief-stricken after the death of his wife, he seeks out Hades himself and is told: Eurydice…

Credit: Merkhana Films
by Daniel Gorman Film

Faya Dayi | Jessica Beshir

Programmed as part of Sundance’s World Documentary program, Jessica Beshir’s beguiling Faya Dayi plays less like a traditional non-fiction film than a poetic koan to a part of the world most Westerners know little (or nothing) about. Set amongst the population of Sufi Muslims…

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