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Credit: Neon
by Lawrence Garcia Film Horizon Line

Titane | Julia Ducournau

Titane admirably reconciles opposites and piles on texture and sensation, but ultimately reveals itself far too content to trade only in cliché. What is the role of “transgressive” art in an ostensibly liberal society? Or, to put it another way: In a cultural context where…

Credit: Mubi
by Ryan Swen Film

The Capacity for Adequate Anger | Vika Kirchenbauer

Vika Kirchenbauer effectively established herself on the international experimental scene with her short Untitled Sequence of Gaps, from last year, an intriguing rumination on varieties of light and how they inform understanding of societal traditions. With The Capacity for Adequate Anger, that sensibility has been noticeably sharpened,…

Credit: TIFF
by Ryan Swen Film

Memoria | Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Frequent In Review Online contributor Evan Morgan once posited a more refined version of the slow cinema paradigm that has come to dominate festival films over the past two decades: hammock cinema, in which films that appear to reject storytelling actually rely on a…

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