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Before We Vanish by Justin Stewart Film

Classical Period | Ted Fendt

No one would likely suggest that the dialogue and interactions in Ted Fendt’s previous films (comprising three shorts and 2016’s 61-minute debut feature, Short Stay) were naturalistic, or even lifelike, but that purposeful stiltedness approaches the sublime in Classical Period. That’s because so much of the dialogue here is…

October 22, 2018
by InRO Staff Festival Coverage Film

New York Film Festival 2018 – Dispatch 2

For our final dispatch from the 2018 New York Film Festival, we take a look at each of the features from the fest’s avant garde-themed Projections program (our previous dispatch featured our takes on some of the titles from NYFF’s Main Slate). Included in this year’s impressive line-up:…

October 22, 2018
Before We Vanish by Lawrence Garcia Film

Short Stay | Ted Fendt

Ted Fendt’s first feature, the refreshingly droll Short Stay, centers on Mike (Mike MacCherone), a passive, socially awkward twenty-something living in New Jersey. When Mark (Mark Simmons), one of Mike’s friends, decides to go to Poland for a few months, Mike sublets his apartment and…

December 16, 2016
In Review | Online film and music criticism