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New York Film Festival 2019 | Dispatch 3: Uncut Gems, Wasp Network, 63 Up

October 17, 2019

Our third and final dispatch from the 2019 New York Film Festival is offers a smaller pool of takes but checks off one of the year’s biggest players — Josh and Benny Safdie’s Uncut Gems. Also featured here are thoughts on Olivier Assayas’s latest, Wasp Network, the ninth entry in Michael Apted seminal Up series, and a pair of international NYFF exclusives — Bitter Bread and The Treehouse. Make sure to visit our recent Toronto Film Festival coverage and London…

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by InRO Staff Feature Articles Film Year in Review

Top 15 Films of 2017

The finest films of 2017 simultaneously offered us a respite from, and a deeper reflection on, our fraught and fractured social and political realities. In sharp contrast to our unfortunate tendency to segregate ourselves with social media-fueled enclaves and ecosystems that do little more than…

December 29, 2017
by Simon Abrams by Steve Carlson Podcasts

Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 10

#10: The Bad Idea Podcast Holiday Special: A Very Belated Renny Harlin Christmas Download episode here. Episode Description: This time on Bad Idea Podcast, Simon & Steve tackle Finnish enigma Renny Harlin. The idea: figure out what makes him tick—why some of his films are exemplary, incomparably…

January 23, 2012
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