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Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 31

May 2, 2017

#31: Too Dumb for Roman Numerals: The Sleazetacular ’80s of Charles Bronson & J. Lee Thompson

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Episode Description: The Reagan ’80s did funny things to people. Charles Bronson and J. Lee Thompson, the subjects of this month’s Bad Idea Podcast, were not exempt. The Decade from Hell saw these two experienced, aging veterans leaping headfirst into an ever-deepening pool of sleaze and degradation.Stops on their journey included the naked-serial-killer hijinx of 10 to Midnight, the globe-trotting man-of-mystery muck-puddle The Evil That Men Do and the Mormonsploitation/redneck Chinatown joint Messenger of Death, with the very bottom of this fetid pool being the staggering swamp of scum and racism and old-man rants that is Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects. Simon and Steve, ever intrepid, wade into these waters hoping to figure out how and why everything got so polluted. They emerge covered in slime and stink and settle in for the Netflix Grab Bag: Zombi 3, as far as Italian body-fluid jamborees go, is pretty delightful. Bad Idea Podcast! We don’t need no stinkin’ scuba gear.