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Credit: Hulu
by Ayeen Forootan Film Streaming Scene

Happiest Season | Clea DuVall

Happiest Season is trite, platitude-heavy Christmas offering that fails on nearly every front. Five years ago, when Todd Haynes’ Carol hit theaters, a moment was marked in which the worlds of queer cinema and the Christmas film were twined. In fairness, Carol wasn’t exactly a mainstream flick wholly…

November 25, 2020
by Steven Warner Film Streaming Scene

Palm Springs | Max Barbakow

Ever since H.G. Wells unleashed The Time Machine upon the world in 1895, artists have used the conceit to impart important life lessons, waxing broadly on everything from mortality to regret to the meaning of existence. Wells was the first to offer a science-based…

July 9, 2020
by Greg Cwik Film Streaming Scene

Shirley | Josephine Decker

Describing Sofia Behrs Tolstaya, a diarist and photographer who remains better known as the wife of Leo Tolstoy, Elizabeth Hardwick wrote: “With her mangled intelligence, her operatic, intolerable frenzies of distress, she comes forth still with an almost menacing aliveness, saying it all like…

June 5, 2020
by Chris Mello Film Streaming Scene

Hail Satan? | Penny Lane

The Satanists in Hail Satan? don’t actually worship the devil, but it’d be a lot cooler if they did. Instead of ritualistic blood sacrifices and black magick, the Satanic Temple has set its sights on doing political and social good. When a statue of the Ten…

September 3, 2019
by Sam C. Mac Film Streaming Scene

Let the Sunshine In | Claire Denis

Let the Sunshine In is an exquisite romantic comedy in part because its laughs are sad and its sadness is funny. Claire Denis isn’t a filmmaker to let the complexity of the human emotions she either captures physically, or insinuates psychologically, settle into easy…

October 26, 2018
Before We Vanish by Luke Gorham Film

Minding the Gap | Bing Liu

Minding the Gap begins by opaquely tracing the lives of three skateboarding high schoolers — including the film’s director, Bing Liu — in their economically diminished hometown. Liu staves off any threat of tedium in this opening section by forgoing typical onscreen skateboarding action…

August 17, 2018
In Review | Online film and music criticism