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InRO Weekly — Volume 1, Issue 6

February 10, 2023

In This Issue:

Titanic: Courting Disaster by Esmé Holden   //   The 2023 Grammy Awards: Racism, Rockism, and Plain Predictability by Nick Seip

Kicking the Canon: The Harder They Come (Perry Henzell) by Fred Barrett   //   Hard Boiled (John Woo) by Greg Cwik

Magic Mike’s Last Dance (Steven Soderbergh) by Brad Hanford   //   Somebody I Used to Know (Dave Franco) by Andrew Dignan   //   Sharper (Benjamin Caron) by Matt Lynch   //   Consecration Huesera: The Bone Woman  (Christopher Smith & Michelle Garza Cervera) by Daniel Gorman   //   Your Place or Mine (Aline Brosh McKenna) by Steven Warner   //   Let It Be Morning (Eran Kolirin) by Oliver Parker   //   Baby Ruby (Bess Wohl) by Molly Adams   //   Cinema Sabaya (Orit Fouks Rotem) by Zachary Goldkind   //   All Eyes Off Me (Hadas Ben Aroya) by Fred Barrett

Heavy Heavy (Young Fathers) by Andrew Bosma   //   We Cater to Cowards (Oozing Wound) by Fred Barrett   //   Furling (Meg Baird) by Andrew Bosma