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InRO Weekly — Volume 1, Issue 26

June 30, 2023

In This Issue:


KICKING THE CANON: Déjà Vu (Tony Scott) by Daniel Gorman   //   The Room (Tommy Wiseau) by Chris Mello



Umberto Eco: A Library of the World (Davide Ferrario) by Zach Lewis   //   Nimona (Nick Bruno & Troy Quane) by Luke Gorham   //   Run Rabbit Run (Daina Reid) by Steven Warner   //   Millie Lies Low (Michelle Savill) by Morris Yang   //   Killing (Shinya Tsukamoto) by Paul Attard   //   Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken (Kirk DeMicco) by Steven Warner   //   Lonely Castle in the Mirror (Keiichi Hara) by Luke Gorham   //   Prisoner’s Daughter (Catherine Hardwicke) by Conor Truax

Volume 1, Issue 26 (9)