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InRO Weekly — Volume 1, Issue 23.5 [Tribeca ’23 Special]

June 14, 2023

In This Issue:


Blood For Dust (Rod Blackhurst) by Andrew Dignan   //   Afire (Christian Petzold) by Ryan Akler-Bishop   //   Somewhere Quiet (Olivia West Lloyd) by Morris Yang   //   The Adults (Dustin Guy Defa) by Lawrence Garcia   //   The Listener (Steve Buscemi) by Michael Sicinski   //   Final Cut (Michel Hazanavicius) by Chris Mello   //   Enter the Clones of Bruce (David Gregory) by Sean Gilman   //   Shortcomings (Randall Park) by Emily DuGranrut   //   The Graduates (Hannah Peterson) by Conor Truax   //   Perpetrator (Jennifer Reeder) by Michael Sicinski   //   Deep Sea (Xiaopeng Tian) by Zachary Goldkind   //   Kim’s Video (David Redmon & Ashley Sabin) by Matt Lynch   //   One Night With Adela (Hugo Ruiz) by Daniel Gorman   //   Silver Haze (Sacha Polak) by Michael Sicinski   //   Dead Girls Dancing (Anna Roller) by Ayeen Forootan

Volume 1, Issue 23.5