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Photo: A24
by Luke Gorham Film Horizon Line

Waves | Trey Edward Shults

As the credits roll on Waves, against the blue, bright promise of an open sky, Alabama Shakes’s “Sound and Color” spills forth from the soundtrack. It’s a fitting choice, director Trey Edward Shults winking at himself, as the track could have pulled double-duty and…

Photo: A24
by Luke Gorham Film Horizon Line

The Lighthouse | Robert Eggers

The Lighthouse is, in some ways, the last film we need right now. A male-centric chamber piece, Robert Eggers’s latest revels in the grotesqueries of guydom: farts, hooch, and fisticuffs all make repeated appearances throughout. The film is even shot in such a way as to signal masculinity,…

Photo: A24
Before We Vanish by Steven Warner Film

Skin | Guy Nattiv

Writer-director Guy Nattiv’s Skin isn’t just a feature-length extension of Nattiv’s Oscar-winning short film, also called Skin; the 2018 short played out like the most socially-conscious episode of The Twilight Zone anyone could imagine, as a backwoods racist received a taste of his own…

Photo: A24
by Sam C. Mac Film Horizon Line

The Farewell | Lulu Wang

We may have gotten to the point where not only is A24 curating its brand with obvious aesthetic guidelines, but also, we have fresh filmmakers out there recognizing those guidelines, and choosing to craft films with the A24 demographics in mind — much like…

Blockbuster Beat by Matt Lynch Film

Midsommar | Ari Aster

Not quite the swing-for-the-fences sophomore audacity you might expect from the guy who made Hereditary — but certainly a film that never would have made it into the marketplace, as-is, without being anticipated as such — Ari Aster’s Midsommar is nonetheless very much in…

Photo: IFFR
by Christopher Bourne Film Horizon Line

Climax | Gaspar Noe

If nothing else, Gaspar Noe‘s Climax suggests that, should someone ever decide to revive the Step Up franchise, Noe might be a name producers could consider. Anchored by a couple of impressively filmed and staged dance scenes, Climax features two dozen dancers in its cast (including a…