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by M.G. Mailloux

Credit: Disney
by M.G. Mailloux Film Streaming Scene

Black is King | Beyonce

As an act of synergy, the Beyonce-directed Disney+ release Black is King feels natural, perhaps even inevitable. At this point, Beyonce has successfully built herself into a massive entertainment brand, one that can conceivably hang alongside the immense Disney conglomerate. Indeed, few brands, companies,…

August 7, 2020
Photo: TIFF
by M.G. Mailloux Film

Citizen K | Alex Gibney

There was no way that we were going to escape the first four years of the Trump presidency without Alex Gibney making a documentary about one of its numerous scandals. Just as predictably perhaps, Gibney opts to turn his focus on the spectre of…

September 13, 2019
by M.G. Mailloux Music Obscure Object

100 Gecs | 1000 Gecs

100 Gecs makes music that dares the listener to hide behind snobbery. Every song is designed to make your parents scoff, as if Gecs masterminds Dylan Brady and Laura Les exhumed the corpses of every embarrassing pop music trend of the collective millennial youth…

August 12, 2019
In Review | Online film and music criticism