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by M.G. Mailloux

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by M.G. Mailloux Film

Best Films of 2020: Da 5 Bloods

Spike Lee is doing pretty great these days, so much so that he’s been recast as a beloved elder statesman in the cultural memory. Not that this positioning isn’t deserved — Lee’s filmography is easily the finest of any contemporary Hollywood auteur after all…

December 27, 2020
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by M.G. Mailloux Film Streaming Scene

Alex Wheatle | Steve McQueen

Alex Wheatle is the slightest of the Small Axe films in many ways, but it’s also perhaps the most instructive as to the project’s overarching concerns. Having left festival season behind and with the majority now available to the public, the scope and collective structure of Steve…

December 10, 2020
In Review | Online film and music criticism