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Credit: IFC Films
by Molly Adams Film Horizon Line

The Vigil | Keith Thomas

The Vigil isn’t without its minor grievances, but its willingness to navigate new horror territory is most welcome. Since the birth of the horror genre, especially its occult and supernatural sub-genres, Christianity has had the market fairly cornered. Rife with ubiquitous symbolism and substantial lore…

Credit: IFC
by Steven Warner Film Horizon Line

Little Fish | Chad Hartigan

Little Fish is a pointless exercise in bleakness that boasts neither interesting characters nor much visual character. Chad Hartigan’s Little Fish dares to answer a question that not a single soul on the planet has ever asked or even pondered: What if Michael Haneke’s Amour…

Credit: TIFF
by Christopher Bourne Film Horizon Line

MLK/FBI | Sam Pollard

The timely and harrowing MLK/FBI explores a particular American history that isn’t so safely in the past.  The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is now a near-universally revered and beloved historical icon, but as Sam Pollard’s meticulous and quietly infuriating documentary MLK/FBI shows,…

Credit: IFC Films
by Nicholas Yap Film Horizon Line

Farwell Amor | Ekwa Msangi

Farewell Amor resembles, in shape, less accomplished recent indie efforts, but it eschews much of their patness in creating something altogether more complex and affecting. From a cursory glance, one could be forgiven for dismissing Ekwa Msangi’s feature debut, Farewell Amor, as yet another recrudescent…

Credit: Rachel Klein
by Steven Warner Film Horizon Line

Shithouse | Cooper Raiff

Shithouse marks a promising debut from writer-director Cooper Raiff, effectively capturing the awkwardness and insecurity of the collegiate experience. One’s reaction to the coming-of-age dramedy Shithouse will likely depend on how one relates to its central protagonist, Alex (writer-director Cooper Raiff), a white, middle-class,…

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